Pre-Wedding Films

We excel in pre- wedding photo shoots. Sparing all the old and boring photo shoots, we introduce something really interesting and new to every shoot. Over the years, with enhanced team and successful projects.We capture all the Indian-styled hullabaloo going around the wedding house, and unfold them in a beautiful manner. Capturing the bright twinkling eyes of the bride laden with gorgeous jewellery and bright wedding dress, the broad smile on the face of the groom sitting with his friends, the frown on the forehead of bride’s father looking after all the preparations of the next ceremony, chuckles of the ladies singing, dancing and teasing the bride and a lot more.

Ring Ceremony Films

The beginning of the newly married life for the couple starts from Roka ceremony. The pre-wedding ceremony is held at bride's home or the venue confirmed by her parents. It is the general assumption that roka ceremony is the first event of wedding in which both the families of bride and groom gather at a place and confirm their novel relationship to each other. On the background of the ceremony, matchmaking of both the mates is being done by the priest. Once the matchmaking is done, roka ceremony is held on the consent of the families of bride and groom.

Wedding Ceremony Films

If you dream of being a star of your own film with some artistic candid photography for your big day, get in touch with us right away. We would love to interact with you and explore your expectations from us. Great cinematography and the work with the lens for us is when the protruding journalism is combined with the artistic creativity. Our proficiency in capturing the minute details that is natural and emotionally touching but never forced. And our such achievements ignites our passion and motivates us in getting whole heartedly involved in our job.